Karin Olu Lindgård is a designer/creative based in Malmö, Sweden.

Karin is a freelancing designer specialized in textile design.

She is also designer and part owner of the award winning design studio Butler/Lindgård, specialized in interior design with a textile perspective.


Among her recent clients are H&M Home and Molo Kids.


"Authenticity, sensuousness and

presence of the human hand, are all, important guidelines in my work.

This is why my designs commonly

emerge out of an analogue, hands- on sketch process. My works is not necessarily in textile materials,

but always from a textile point of view."











© Copyright, Karin Olu Lindgård 2017. All rights reserved.

Photos by: Ulrika Kestere, Tobias Sjödin, Blingo, H&M and Butler/Lindgård